Who We Are

Morag MacTaggart


In 2014 Morag received a cry of help from one of Dunedin’s principal corporates. Poor writing practices were wasting time and company resources.

From here The Writer’s House, a communications consultancy dedicated to the training, mentoring and guidance of workplace writers began. Morag has now mentored and run courses for workplace writers from all spheres; from senior executives to staff that spend the majority of their day in the field.

With over twenty-five years’ English teaching experience, Morag is an accomplished education professional. She has held numerous significant English education positions, among them; English Head of Department, Literacy Specialist Teacher and NZQA Specialist Contractor.

Morag brings to her workshops an extensive understanding of the best ways to foster engaged, active learning. Her lively approach, coupled with plenty of laughter, builds a constructive learning environment. From here, new skill acquisition and most importantly, lasting change can take place.

Sitting at the heart of Morag’s workshops is the understanding that successful business outcomes depend on effective, clear, communication. When our text is coherent and engaging, our customers, business partners and the wider communities we serve will feel respected and motivated to work with us.

Jette de Jong


​Jette has had a love of writing and words since she learnt how to print her name at the age of 3. While her siblings spent their pocket money on sweets, she could be found in the stationery aisle, adding to her collection of pens, pencils and notebooks.

Following the completion of an English degree at the University of Auckland in 1991, Jette had a career in training and HR, and subsequently worked as a freelance technical writer for a variety of banks, large corporates and smaller organisations.

She has written everything from web content and company newsletters to Help files, annual reports and complex technical manuals. She is also an expert in writing media releases and other public relations material – creating stories that are succinct, compelling and attractive to copy-hungry media outlets. She is currently the publicist for one of New Zealand’s fastest rising international music acts; and was also part of the team that developed one of the country’s leading eco housing brands from scratch.

As a proof reader and editor, Jette can knock your existing work into shape for any audience. She is ruthless when it comes to ensuring that every comma, apostrophe and colon is where it belongs (and not where it doesn’t); and loves to work with subject matter experts to ensure their knowledge is disseminated in a way that can be understood – by other experts and lay-people alike.

Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation, by Lynne Truss is her bible; and nothing makes Jette happier than supplying her clients with a well written, well structured, easy to follow final document.

Diane Dupres


Diane discovered the art of a good performance at the tender age of seven. Using improvisation she managed to talk her way out of a difficult situation with the school bully. She drew quite an appreciative audience and lived to tell the tale. From then on she was hooked by a love of all things performative.

Diane has amassed over twenty years’ teaching experience across five countries. She has worked as a staff trainer for: the retail organization Medicare; Marks and Spencer’s Financial Service; and the largest telephone network in the Seychelles, Cable and Wireless. In addition, Diane taught business English at the Seychelles Polytechnic. In Malaysia, she worked with Afghani refugees developing their spoken and written English. In Indonesia she directed and produced public performances, developed curriculum documentation and mentored staff to develop their skills to international best practice standards. Diane’s work has instilled in her a vigorous quest for critical thinking and detail-focused presentation.

​Diane’s aim is to ensure that when you walk into your presentation, you will actually enjoy it. She will give you methods to get your audience on side straight away. She’ll work with you on your content and your delivery ensuring that your presentation is dynamic, confident and convincing.

Clients we have worked with

Central Otago Distrcit Counsel
Dunedin City Council